Daily News For March 9, 2006


Bush To Sign Renewal Of USA Patriot Act (Applause)

House Panel Votes To Block Ports Deal 62-2

Bush Looks To Senate To Save Ports Deal (Not Going To Happen)

Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano On Wednesday Ordered More National Guardsmen Posted At The Mexican Border To Help Stop Illegal Immigrants And Curb Related Crimes (Applause)

Hillary Opposes Tough Enforcement On Illegal Immigration. Backs Amnesty Program

Three Arrested In Alabama Church Fires

Americans Growing More Negative Of Islam…And Guess Who’s Fault It Is? (Free Wapo Reg Req)

Democrats Struggle To Seize Opportunity

Florida: ‘Illegal Runs Red Light,’ Kills Popular Principal


Gunmen Seize 50 Iraqi Security Workers

India: Suspect Shot Dead After Bombs Kill 23

Israel Will Have To Act On Iran If UN Can’t

Iran Threatened The United States With “Harm And Pain” (Let’s Bomb)

Iraqi Iconoclast Being Considered for Defense Minister (Free LA Times Reg Req)

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Debbie Schlussel: If Bin Laden And George Clooney Got Together To Do A Movie, The Result Would Be “V”

Jonah Goldberg: Hollywood’s “Out Of Touch” Reality

Michelle Malkin: The Illegal Alien “Gold Card”

Ann Coulter: It’s Hard Out Here For A Wimp

James Pinkerton: Bill Clinton Creates Issues For Hillary


Barry Bonds Massive Doping Regimen Exposed

Judicial Smackdown Quotes Adam Sandler Movie Billy Madison

Game Teaches Journalism Students Skills

California: ‘Mom,’ ‘Dad’ To Be Axed From School Textbooks?

Man Claims He Had Himself Frozen To Avoid Census

Website Of The Day: Expose The Left

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