Some Of The Kossacks Even Think The Democratic Primaries Are Rigged

Judging by what you’re about to read from the commenters at the Daily Kos, a lot of liberals seem to have come to the conclusion that the VRWC has gotten so good at rigging Presidential elections that they’ve actually decided to branch out and start stuffing the ballot boxes in Democratic primaries.

In this case, moderate Democrat Henry Cuellar, who was actually endorsed by the Club for Growth, defeated liberal Democrat Ciro Rodriguez and a lot of Kossacks seem convinced it must have been fixed because uh, well, everyone loves liberals? Who knows, there’s not much rhyme or reason to it.

Here are a few noteworthy comments from the thread that should give you the gist of it:

Spermdonor: Dream on . . . .If 2000 in Florida didn’t teach this country anything, and if 2004 in Ohio AND Florida didn’t teach this country anything (in spite of warnings of possible shenanigans in advance), what makes you think anyone is going to pay attention NOW, even if any irregularities are blatant?

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Especially since most Americans, in spite of what they say to the contrary, buy into the corporate media, and the corporate media won’t say shit.

I’m at the point that I’ve all but given up any hope in real representative government ever actually occurring in this country.

It’s a myth. Perhaps it always has been.

puppethead: Apathy and vote rigging. I guess it’s time to give up on democracy. We’ve clearly got unchecked vote rigging (the “errors” always favor GOP candidates, that’s statistically very unlikely). But what’s worse is the f*cking apathy from everyone. Either the Democratic ground game is completely worthless or voters just don’t give a shit about what happens to this country.

Solarbaby: Is this a fixed election? How can Webb first report the early votes this late and 8,145 for Cuellar? Something smells fishy. And yes, it is over. Because when the rest of Webb reports it will be so far skewed to Cuellar.

I think Webb county was rigged. Very easy to do with early ballots contrary to what people think.

Dumbya: this has the fingerprints of the Diebold IT guys

dole4pineapple: Webb county results “DeLayed”. We know what that means. It’s going to take time for them make scan the voter rolls for dead guys whose votes they need. Webb county is so obviously engaging in fraud that it’s not funny. “Not working”…that seems to be a frequent problem with electronic voting machines. Of course, fraud is much easier now than it was in the days of LBJ. Then, you had to write the names on the voting tally sheet. Now, you just change a couple of digits on a computer and you’ve stolen an election.

Hat tip to RedState for pointing out this thread at the Daily Kos

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