Daily News For May 30, 2006


James Sensenbrenner: “A Guest-Worker Program I Think Can Be On The Table If It Does Not Contain An Amnesty, But Only If The Employer Sanctions And The Increased Border Patrols Are Effective.”

Immigration Deal At Risk As House GOP Looks To Voters (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Legal Immigrants Show Other Side Of System

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid Accepted Free Ringside Tickets From The Nevada Athletic Commission To Three Professional Boxing Matches While That State Agency Was Trying To Influence Him On Federal Regulation Of Boxing (This Looks Bad)

Duke Women Support Men’s Lacrosse Players Charged With Rape

Apple Loses Bid To Unmask Bloggers’ Sources


Indonesia Quake Death Toll Passes 5,400

Deadly Attack On CBS News Crew. Two Team Members Killed, Correspondent Seriously Injured By Roadside Bomb In Baghdad

Too Soon To Judge Alleged Iraq Killings: US General

Iraq Less Violent Than Washington, D.C.

Zarqawi’s Senior Aide, Two Assistants Arrested In Iraq

Afghanistan: Eight Dead, 18 Wounded After Accident, Riot; Protesters March On Palace

Egyptian Man Keeps Blogging From His Cell

Babies With Club Feet Aborted In Britain

France: Rapper May Face Jail For Obscene Lyrics That Insult France


Mark Steyn: Gingrich Revolutionaries Turn Into Arrogant Elite

Phyllis Schlafly: President Defies Most Republicans On Immigration

Diana West: El Futuro De America? Si

Mark Steyn: And Now, The Latino Jihad (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Betsy Newmark: The Akaka Bill Is Baaaack


Soldier Gives His Purple Heart To Student

‘Fat Man’ May Not Have Walked All The Way Across The US; Demons, Old And New, Keep Pace

Humor: No Flowers On Graves (Memorial Day Tribute)

Humor: Instapundit’s Work Clothes

Website Of The Day: Tigerhawk

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