Daily News For May 4, 2006


Zacarias Moussaoui: “America, You Lost! I Won.”

Moussaoui Gets Life in Prison

Acrimony Over Bush Judicial Nominations Resurfaces (Free WAPO Reg Reeq)

Nifong To Remain Durham’s DA

Initial DNA Test Results May Not Tell Whole Story, DA Says

St. Luke’s To Continue Care Of Heart Patient. Decision Eases Uncertainty After Transfer To Chicago Falls Through

House Bill: English Only For Pledge, Nat’l Anthem. Resolution Result Of Recent Recording Of ‘Star Spangled Banner’ In Spanish

President Bush Sang The National Anthem In Spanish

Judge Orders San Diego Cross Removed. Gives City 90 Days In Case Brought By ACLU-Backed Atheist

Soda Distributors to End Most School Sales

2006 Senate Race Rankings


15 Iraqis Killed By Suicide Bomber

Bush, Merkel In United Front On Iran Nuke Plans. Western Powers Offer New U.N. Resolution That Could Trigger Sanctions

Mexico President Refuses To Sign Drug Bill (Holy Flip Flop Batman)


Tony Blankley: Immigration Madness

Jonah Goldberg: Is Bush The New Nixon?

Robert Novak: RNC Chairman Warns Of Possible GOP Catastrophe

Ann Coulter: Tuition Soars Due To Knowledge Shortfall

James Lileks: Gas Fumes Obscure GOP Base


Television Host Louis Rukeyser Dies (RIP Louis)

John Hawkins Of Right Wing News Deserves An Awful Lot Of Credit For This One Because Without Him, Odds Are That (Andrea Clark) Would Be Be Dead Now (Thanks For The Compliment)

A Faulty Sunbed Shocked A Woman Unconscious And Left Her With 65% Burn

Humor: In My World — Colbert, Iran, And Something That Rhymes With “Jew”

Website Of The Day: Freeman Hunt

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