Veto, George, Veto!

Know what this latest pork ridden Senate Bill is for President Bush? It’s an opportunity:

“A must-pass Senate bill funding the war in Iraq and hurricane aid for the Gulf Coast faces a vote Thursday, but a veto threat imperils many provisions added by lawmakers.

The bill is now about $14 billion more than President Bush wants. That means items such as $4 billion in farm disaster aid and $1 billion in state grants not requested by Bush may have to be dropped during House-Senate negotiations.

Also at risk are Senate add-ons such as $1.1 billion in aid to the Gulf Coast seafood industry; $648 million for port security; and $1.9 billion to secure U.S. borders and waters. In trouble, too, may be Bush’s effort to boost the budget for New Orleans flood control projects to $3.7 billion.”

Bush has promised to veto this bill and he should do exactly that after explaining to the American people that he has a new attitude about wasteful spending.

Will that suddenly convince the public that Bush is now serious about taking care of their money? No, not after the record on deficit spending he has compiled up to this point. However, if Bush were to veto another 3 or 4 earmark ridden bills, as close together as possible, that might be enough to make a real impression.

W. desperately needs to turn around his spendthrift reputation and although this veto alone won’t do it, it would be a big step in the right direction.

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