Daily News For November 15, 2005


In 1985, Alito Rejected Abortion As A Right (Applause)

Gallup Poll: Americans Generally Favor Alito Appointment. Closer To Roberts Than To Miers In Popularity

Setting the Record Straight: The White House Responds To The Washington Post On Pre-War Intelligence

Atheist Michael Newdow To Challenge “In God We Trust” On Money

Dallas: Illegal Immigrant Murders A Police Officer


GOP And Democratic Senate Members Weigh Measures Urging Bush Set Limits in Iraq (GRRRRRR)

France Set to Extend State of Emergency. 284 Vehicles Torched

Jordanians Turning Against Terrorism

Saudi Teacher To Be Flogged, In Part, For “Saying The Jews Were Right

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


The Wall Street Journal: A Ban On Aggressive Interrogation Would Amount To Unilateral Disarmament In The War On Terror

Ed Morrisey: The Counter-Offensive Turns Into A Team Sport

Jonathan Gurwitz: Opponents Say Bush Lied; Read Between The Lines

John Leo: The Top Victims Of 2005

Mark Steyn: Bicultural Europe Is Doomed


Eddie Guerrero Passes Away (Eddie Passed Away Before His Time. My Condolences Go Out To His Family And Friends)

Liberal Blogger Andrew Sullivan Will Be Blogging For Time

Pajamas Media Closes $3.5 Million Venture Round

Humor: The Comic Book Guy Interviews Mary Mapes

Website Of The Day: Eleven O’Clock News

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