The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: BushCo At It Again In Kuwait

itzamirakul: I don’t believe the “failed bomber” woman woman was involved at all…I think this is just one more staged event by BushCo..

First, they claimed it was Al Quaidea but they had no actual proof to make the public believe that claim. After all, any teenager with a computer and a wicked mind could send off THAT claim.

So suddenly the mysterious woman appears. Her story has changed with the wind. She said she saw her husband detonate his bomb, but miraculously she was not hurt. In another report, she claims that when her husband saw that her bomb did not go off, he signaled her to run. How did he do that if he was dead?

She looks too emotionless, forced and flat to me. I have the feeling that her children may be being held as hostages, thus forcing her to tell any tale the REAL perpetrators want her to tell.

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Someone has supposedly “disarmed” her bomb and put it back on her for the photo op, otherwise the camerapeople are just plain fools for being that close.

And isn’t it strange, she is supposed to be the sister of another RIGHT HAND MAN to some supposed Al Quaida biggie?

Every d*mned time BushCo gets in trouble, somewhere in the world gets bombed…New York, Spain, London and now Jordan. So Al Quaida wants to make the entire world mad at them, huh? No, BushCo wants to make the entire world at this phantom organization they started right after 911 and named it Al Quaida, which simply means, “the base”.

How about you? Do YOU believe this woman is truly a failed terrorist?

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