Daily News For November 2, 2005


Senate Emerges From Closed Session On Iraq

Knife-Wielding Man Slashes At Four Outside White House

Bush Outlines $7.1B Flu-Fighting Strategy (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Judge Removed From DeLay’s Criminal Case

Fed Raises Rates To 4 Percent

Trent Lott Questions Rove’s Future

Clarence Thomas Not A Real Black? Paper Arguing For Court ‘Diversity’ Wants Asterisk By His Name

’05 Proving To Be Worst Newspaper Year Since Recession

Budget Cutters Line Up Targets

Samuel Alito

Gang Of 14 To Meet On Alito Thursday

GOP Sen. DeWine Discourages Alito Filibuster After Meeting With Nominee; Democrats Mulling Option

Moderates’ Support Sought for Alito. White House Tries to Forestall Filibuster by Targeting ‘Red State’ Democrats (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Democrats Push To Delay Alito Hearings

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Arab League Scuttled Secret Exile Offer For Saddam: U.A.E. Officials

Fifth Night Of Unrest In Paris Suburb Following Deaths Of Two Youths

Rumsfeld Says No U.N. Access To Guantanamo Inmates (go Rummy)


David Frum: The Dems Will Huff & Puff Over Alito, But Can’t Blow The House Down

Johnathan Adler: Alito Isn’t “Pro-Life” Or “Pro-Choice” But “Pro-Law.”

Mark Steyn: Confrontation Is A Good Thing

Rich Lowry: Fitzgerald & Starr

James Lileks: There’ll Always Be An England — Or Will There?


50 Cent Slams Kanye’s ‘Bush Is Racist’ Comment

Blogs Distracting U.S Workers From The Day Job

Pajamas Media Is Holding A Gala On Nov 16 With Judy Miller As Their Keynote Speaker

Get Your Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Cards Today

Game: Halloween Cat Bowling

Website Of The Day: Power Line

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