The Top Ten Rejected Senate Democrat Stunts — Satire By Frank J.

With Fitzmas a bust and conservatives reenergized by the nomination of Alito, the Democrats needed to do something really futile and stupid to grab the attention of the American people and encourage their wacky base. Exclusive to IMAO, we have obtained a list of rejected political stunt ideas that happen to be ten in number:


10. Hold their breath until they turn blue if not given their way on judicial nominations.

9. Have Harry Reid wear a beard of bees during an entire meeting of the Senate.

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8. Do a fully costumed production of The Sound of Music on the Capitol steps.

7. Hold a fundraiser where Ted Kennedy competes against a live pig in a hotdog eating contest.

6. Daring daylight liquor store robberies.

5. Jump a shark on water-skis.

4. Set Buddhist monks on fire in protest of Iraq war.

3. All Senate Democrat episode of Fear Factor.

2. Have Chuck Schumer train and then compete to win the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

And the number one rejected Senate Democrat stunt…

1. Anything rational.

This content was used with the permission of IMAO.

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