Daily News For November 9, 2005


State Of Emergency Declared In France

French Riots Continue Despite Curfew Threat

Leaders Fiddle As France Burns

Paris Prosecutors Opened An Inquiry Tuesday Into Two Young Bloggers Who Urged French Youths To Riot And Revolt Against The Police

US Denies Using White Phosphorus On Iraqi Civilians

Annan, Bolton Clash On Syrian Cooperation With UN

Angry Mugabe Tells US Ambassador To “Go To Hell”


Dems Win In Governor’s Race In Virginia And New Jersey

Texas Voters Approve Ban On Gay Marriage

CIA Asks Justice Dept. To Review Prisons Report

Senate Staffer Asaulted. Perhaps For Her Work On The Finance Committee

Senator Kerry Rebuffs Claim He Said Election Was Stolen

Rep. Sherrod Brown Wrote To Sen. Mike Dewine Last Friday, Voicing Concern About Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito’s Labor Record. Brown’s Language Was Crisp — And Was Plagiarized

Mary Mapes Still Can’t Figure Out What She Did Wrong During The Rathergate Fiasco

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David Limbaugh: A Manifesto Of Lies (Superb)

Byron York: The CIA Prison Leak Story Goes To The Justice Department

Norm Coleman: Beware A Digital Munich

Michael Gurfinkel: France Facing ‘Horrendous’ Balance Sheet

Hugh Hewitt Talks To Victor Davis Hanson About The Rioting In France

Thomas Sowell: Riots In France


US Senators Outperform Wall Street Stars In The Stock Market

Non-Lethal Laser Rifle Being Tested By The Military

Accused ‘Used Head As Bowling Ball’

Game: The Kickoff

Website Of The Day: Neo-Neocon

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