Ralph Peters Should Know Better

At the end of a column on the Paris riots in which he slammed the French for racism and for their treatment of immigrants, conservative columnist Ralph Peters stepped over the line when he said:

“Meanwhile, every American who believes in racial equality and human dignity should sympathize with the rioters, not with the effete bigots on the Seine.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The scum that’s out on the streets of France burning cars, assaulting policemen, and beating civilians deserve no sympathy from decent or civilized human beings.

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To the contrary, sympathy should be reserved for innocent people caught up in the mess: those who’ve been beaten, had their property destroyed, and are locking themselves away in their own homes because they’re afraid to go out on the streets. Those folks, along with the French police who’ve been on the front lines trying to restore order without getting adequate help from the government, are the ones who deserve our pity, not the thugs who are terrorizing France.

Even if you care little for the French, their government, or their way of life, they are preferable to Molotov-cocktail-throwing thugs who spend their nights randomly destroying property for kicks.

Ralph Peters should know better…

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