Daily News For Oct 17, 2006


Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid Has Been Using Campaign Donations Instead Of His Personal Money To Pay Christmas Bonuses For The Support Staff At The Ritz-Carlton Where He Lives In An Upscale Condominium. Federal Election Law Bars Candidates From Converting Political Donations For Personal Use

Harry Reid Decides to Amend Ethics Reports

Lynne Stewart Gets 28 Months (It Should Have Been 28 Years, Not 28 Months)

Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Il) Says It Has Been 10 Years Since The Democratic Party Outlined A Clear Vision For The Country

Cindy Sheehan Buried Her Uterus In Crawford Texas


Iraq Will Wait To Disarm Militias

Saddam Verdict Is Expected on Nov. 5

S. Korea Aware Of Signs N. Korea May Be Preparing 2nd Nuke Test


FBI Raids Home Of Rep. Weldon’s Daughter

Democrat Barrow Allies Himself With Bush In New Tv Ad

Mitt, The Rising Star, Catches Thatcher Vote

Mehlman: DeWine A “Top Priority”


Newt Gingrich: Republicans Can Turn This Around, But They Must Make The Case

A Redstate Podcast Interview With Tony Snow

LaShawn Barber: Duke Rape Case: Skanks, Greed, And Shattered Lives

Thomas Sowell: Can We Talk

Patrick Hynes And Jeremy Lott: Left, Right And Religion: A Double Standard


The Interior Department Is Blocking Access To Blogs On Government Computers

Lamar Thomas Fired Over Orange Bowl Brawl Remarks

Madonna Flies Her Baby Out Of Malawi. The Baby’s Father Says, “I Appealed To The Self-Styled Lovers Of David To Leave My Baby Alone. Where Were They When David Didn’t Have Milk When His Mother Died? Do They Want Him To Go Back To The Orphanage?”

After A Disabled Woman’s Cat Started A House Fire, Her Specially Trained Dog Came To The Rescue, Then Died Trying To Help The Cat Still In The House.

Website Of The Day: The Thunder Run

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