The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: It’s Civil War Time Again

You know, the left has gotten so bizarre, so over-the-top, that it’s almost impossible to parody them. Liberals talking about how much they hate Christians? It’s a regular thing. Calling Bush Hitler? It’s passe. Declaring that Republicans are evil fascists? It’s old hat.

Are we at that point now with liberals calling for a Civil War? It seems to be an increasingly regular occurrence. And just to prove the point, here’s the latest thread from the Democratic Underground calling for a revolution, starting with the original post:

wcproteus: The Second American Civil War:

Time to see it like it is. What’s happening now in America isn’t politics as usual; it’s more like a civil war.

It stopped being politics in the year 2000 when Republican brown shirts stormed the Florida election centers to steal the presidential election.

It stopped being politics when Senator Wellstone’s plane crashed so “conveniently” in Minnesota.

It stopped being politics when only high profile Democrats received anthrax in the mail.

It stopped being politics with black box, one party, Diebold “voting machines”.

It stopped being politics when the Republicans also stole the year 2004 presidential election (please remember that significant discrepancies between exit polls and tallied results are the international standard for election fraud, and according to that standard, John Kerry is now unequivocally President of the United States).

It stopped being politics when patriotic members of our intelligence corps were exposed to life threatening dangers as acts of petty political revenge (are you listening, Karl?).

It stopped being politics when religious extremists tried to replace our Constitutional Democracy with an arrogant caricature of the loving and compassionate teachings of Jesus Christ.

And it stopped being politics when Presidential State of the Nation lies were used to justify exchanging the blood of thousands our children for oil.

Please note that these aren’t political events. These are violent, illegal, and desperately immoral acts. We are talking about death and dishonor, treason and revenge, and these aren’t political words, they’re war words.

Our noble forefathers won their war against a mad King George. Now it’s our turn.

Viva America!

NativeTexan: GREAT POST!!! Your reasoning is completely ON POINT! And THAT, my friend, is EXTREMELY FRIGHTENING!! WELCOME TO DU!!!!

realpolitik (edited for length): They must deliver nothing less than a Christian Falangist State. To do that one of two things must happen, as I see it.

1. There must be a state of national emergency that allows the status quo to continue indefinitely. Like, say a Sarin attack on congress.

2. There must be an actual faith based take over establishing a taliban Murika.

And I don’t see them as mutually exclusive. After Bushco nukes Iran, there would be rumors of a huge 5th column, a huge NK nuke scare, another anthrax scare, another planes into buildings scare, another small plane whacking of a Dem leader…the filling of a halliburton camp or two.

And just like that, the shooting will start. Not just here, but the fraggings will start in the field of deployment. National guard units, regular g.i. vs the mercs and locals. But here it will be an outbreak, suppression, and reprisal conflict. Between cycles, there will be migrations, like the ones to bleeding Kansas in the 1850s. It will be a holy war. Read the latest book by Kevin Phillips.

It will be inter-mural and it will look on the surface a bit like Kansas City in the 1860’s– rural vs. city folks. But then as it will be soon, it is more about a basic social question. Not shall we hold people in slavery, but shall we be a nation whose behavior and society is framed by an agreement, a constitution of our society and state– or shall we become a theocratic authoritarian cult of personality?

I fear that America will not survive this next hot culture war. Why? Because the PNACicans are true believers and their kingdom of Jesus/Mars depends on total victory. That’s how the eschaton works. They already control the airforce, and the National Guard is overseas.

But there are Americans who will never give in to the new american fascism. Not enough to defeat them, but enough to thwart total pnacification. I see a literal Jesusland in the future. I also see a new America rising eventually, smaller, but freer and more just.

elocs: Passionate post, but there will be no civil war. Americans, most Democrats included, are too fat and lazy to give up their comfortable lives to engage in civil war. Only about 60% of the eligible voters can even be bothered to participate in a presidential election and of that number probably 1/3 are Democrats, 1/3 are Republicans, and 1/3 are independents who go both ways. So if you are talking civil war, you would be lucky to get even 1/4 of the Democrats. Reality is a cruel mistress.

SIIHPAPP: They may have the guns…but we have the PEOPLE!!!!!!11 I don’t own guns because I believe only the government should have weapons, but I can probably whip up some pointy sticks!!!

Brian Stevens: Thats the problem. There are peolple that post here talk a good game. But to do it, is another story. We have and are being looked at as cowards because of this. If civil war must start, which is TOTALLY INEVITABLE, the first shot must come from us.

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