Daily News For October 27, 2006


Bush Signs U.S.-Mexico Border Fence Bill

Conservative Congressmen Ask For Pardon Of Two Border Patrol Agents (Applause)

More Than 200 Pieces Of Human Remains Have Been Found At The World Trade Center Site Since The Discovery Of Bones By Workers Clearing Rubble From Manholes Sparked A New Search A Week Ago

Hillary Clinton Says She Would Not Oppose Efforts By Eliot Spitzer, The Odds-On Favorite To Become The New Governor, To Enact A Same-Sex Marriage Law In New York

Wal-Mart Slammed Over Republican Consultant’s Ad Against Harold Ford


OPEC Set To Defend $60 Global Minimum

Danish Paper Wins Mohammad Cartoon Libel Case

Muslims Torch Buses Around Paris


SurveyUSA: Tom Reynolds 50% Vs. Jack Davis 45% (This Is A Seat That Was “Gone” That Is Now Leaning Republican)

The Latest Senate Polls

Latest House Polls

The Newest Bob Corker Radio Ads


Listen To Mark Steyn’s Teleconference From Yesterday (It’s Long, But Fascinating)

Rush Limbaugh Endorses Tom Kean, Jr. (What A Fantastic Time For Kean Picks A Fight With Rush — Groan)

Erick Erickson: Where’s The Right On The Blogometer?

David Frum: The Cry Baby Party

Hugh Hewitt: Andrew Sullivan And Our Times


Baseball Writers Ask MLB To Put St. Louis All-Star Game On Hold (Arrogant)

‘Thank Allah I’m A Jihad Boy’ Title Track Of New Parody CD

Undercover TV Pranksters Penetrate North Korea

Humor: Hippie Catch And Release Program Too Big A Success?

Website Of The Day: Michelle Malkin

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