Drudge’s October Surprise For James Webb

1) Right Wing News discusses sex scenes and N-bombs from three of James Webb’s books: Sept 29, 2006 (This includes quotes Drudge doesn’t have)

2) Larry Elder makes reference to one of the quotes from the article in a column: Oct 5, 2006

3) RWN revealed the incest and pedophilia quote that’s at the top of Drudge right now: Oct 17, 2006

4) Drudge runs with a George Allen press release that seems to contain some of what’s in the two previous posts along with some additional quotes that were apparently compiled by the Allen campaign: Oct 26, 2006

In case you’re wondering, I did send an email to Drudge on Sept 29, 2006 and Oct 17, 2006. Whether he just didn’t read them, read them and chose not to link, or whether he read them and waited for a timely opportunity to spring them, I don’t know.

Whatever the case may be, I’m still glad to see this info getting out there and all you regular readers of RWN should be glad to know that you got to see at least some of this blockbuster info a full month before people reading the MSM will have heard about it.

Update #1: In my opinion, having this story break big will mean the end of James Webb’s chances to be a Senator. Know why? Because even though it’s fiction, it’s so depraved that a lot of people will have a visceral negative reaction to it — and to Webb.

Intellectually, people may know it’s fiction, but when you start describing and talking about grotesquely racist comments, incest, pedophilia, and women slicing up bananas with their private parts, there are just a lot of people who will find that disgusting, whether it’s fiction or not, and they will believe it reflects what Webb really thinks in his private moments. Is that fair? Maybe not. But, that’s people and that’s politics.

Update #2: By the way, after taking a closer look at it, I think I have a BETTER selection of quotes than Drudge does. Just check out that first link and you’ll see what I mean.

Update #3: Three things.

#1) A lot of libs are pointing out that Scooter Libby wrote some perverse fiction, too. That’s true — but, it just proves the point. Liberals were complaining about what Libby wrote at the time and they’re still bringing it up today. So, if it’s relevant for Scooter Libby, a non-elected official, why isn’t it much more relevant when James Webb, a candidate for the Senate, writes similarly disgusting material?

#2) Also, I’m seeing a lot of libs referring to this as a, “smear tactic,” from the Allen campaign. Ehr…since when is quoting someone some sort of dirty trick? Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s a dirty trick when a liberal says something incredibly embarrassing and you point it out to people.

#3) The irony here is that the liberal media helped set Webb up for this. They went way overboard on the Foley thing and now, here you have Webb writing about pedophilia. They also went nuts over, “Macaca,” and the N-bombs Allen was accused of uttering and yet, they never published these quotations from Webb. Well, now the environment the left helped create is coming back to bite Webb on the behind. As far as I’m concerned, they sowed it, now they’re reaping it, and it suits me just fine.

Update #4: James Webb has responded and actually made things even worse:

“In an interview on Washington Post Radio Friday morning, Jim Webb, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia, said excerpts of his novels are “a little bit inappropriate” to be read on news radio.

“I don’t know why you’re reading that on WTOP,” Webb told host Mark Plotkin. “I think it’s a little bit inappropriate.”

Plotkin was reading an excerpt from Webb’s novel “Something to Die For,” in which Webb describes a female stripper performing sexual acts with a banana.

“I don’t think that’s appropriate for you to read on WTOP,” Webb said again as Plotkin finished the excerpt. (Washington Post Radio is WTOP’s sister station.)

The campaign of Republican Sen. George Allen on Thursday released excerpts from some of the war novels Webb wrote between 1978 and 2002. The books include some graphic sexual passages, as well as frequent uses of a racial slur for blacks and descriptions of Vietnamese women as “monkey-faced.”

Among the excerpts is a scene from the 2002 novel “Lost Soldiers,” in which a man embraces his four-year-old son and places the boy’s penis in his mouth.

….”It’s not a sexual act,” Webb told Plotkin regarding the “Lost Soldiers” excerpt. “I actually saw this happen in a slum in Bangkok when I was there as a journalist.”

….Coincidentally, a Cambodian woman in Las Vegas is facing sexual assault charges for performing a similar act on her young son, according to an Oct. 14 report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.”

The headline on Drudge is of course, “Boy’s Penis in Father’s Mouth ‘Not a Sexual Act,’ Webb Tells Radio Host…”

Game over. Allen wins! Allen Wins! Allen Wins!

Update #5: I’m seeing an inordinate number of complaints about the Allen campaign disseminating this information from the RIGHT side of the blogosphere and I have to tell you, I think that’s more than a little naive.

This isn’t some sort of dirty trick or a lie, it’s taking the disgusting, filthy, things James Webb has written in the past and putting them out there for people to make a judgment about. To me, it’s sort of — again, naive — for conservatives to complain about these quotes getting out there when the mainstream media and the left has relentlessly focused on something as silly as “macaca” and accusations that George Allen was dropping N-bombs 25 years ago. When James Webb’s incest and banana slicing quotes show up in the Washington Post 150+ times or so, like the lame “macaca” quote has, then maybe we can call for a time-out on negative campaigning. Until then, let James “Boy’s Penis in Father’s Mouth ‘Not a Sexual Act'” Webb sweat it out like Allen has been forced to do in this campaign.

Also, let me add that “Politics ain’t beanbag” people and they have a word for politicians in competitive races who run squeaky clean positive campaigns when their opponents are effectively slinging mud: that word is, unfortunately all too often, “loser.” Maybe some people would rather lose races than go negative, but I’m not in that camp.

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