Daily News For Sept 20, 2006


Thai Military Launches Coup, Backs King

Chirac Calls For Threat Of Iran Sanctions To Be Lifted

Gen. John Abizaid: Troop Levels In Iraq May Not Decrease This Year

Chief Judge In Saddam Trial Replaced


IRS Yanks Democratic Leadership Council Tax Status

Colorado State Professor Disputes Global Warming Is Human-Caused

Mexican Flag Controversy


Bill Frist Encourages People To Give To Rightroots Today

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Bush Approval Up To 44%

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Democrats And Republicans Now Even With Likely Voters: 48% vs. 48%

Rasmussen Poll For Connecticut Senate: Lieberman (I) 45% Vs. Lamont (D) 43%

New Ad: Michael Steele Loves Puppies, Hates Pork Barrel Spending And Lobbyists (Good Ad)

A Take From The George Allen Camp


Iraq The Model: When Will Muslims Be Ready To Accept Criticism?

Anne Applebaum: Enough Apologies

Jonah Goldberg: Jihad Enablers

David Limbaugh: Values Voters — Can’t Live With or Without Them


Bounty Hunter ‘Dog’ Tagged, Gets Let Out

It’s Muslim Boy Meets Girl, But Don’t Call It Dating (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Survey Results: The Gender And Race Breakdown Of The Blogosphere

Honour Killing Claims Life Of Six-Year-Old

India: Village Elders Order Trial By Boiling Oil

Humor: Secret CIA Interrogation Techniques Revealed!

Website Of The Day: The Squiggler

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