23 Hours Left On The Rightroots Challenge

It’s the last day of the Rightroots 15 day challenge and unless we have a big burst, we’re not going to make our 100 donation per candidate total. Do you want to help us meet our goal? Well, here’s the best way to do it. Chip in small donations to the following candidates:

1) Michele Bachmann
2) Chuck Blasdel
3) Max Burns
4) John Gard
5) Jeff Lamberti
6) David McSweeney
7) Ray Meier
8) Ralph Norman
9) Rick O’Donnell
10) Peter Roskam
11) Scott Tipton
12) Chris Wakim
13) Mike Whalen
14) Andrea Lane Zinga
15) Mike McGavick

Come on, it’s worth it if only to keep the right side of the blogosphere from having to listen to gloating from Kos, MyDD, and the rest of the left side of the blogosphere. We’ve already raised enough money to call this thing a success, we just need to hit our donation targets. Help us do it!

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