The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Christians? Yuck!

One of the things that the Democratic Party seems to perpetually be trying to do is reach out to religious Americans. Unfortunately, they usually don’t have much luck because they treat religious people like robots who’ll respond to the right piece of code. It’s like,

“Well, if we show up in a few churches right before election day and mention a few Bible verses, maybe they won’t notice how intensely hostile we are to them and their agenda.”

Oh — and “intensely” hostile is the right word, especially when you’re talking about the Democratic base.

For example, just consider some of the posts in a thread at the Democratic Underground called, I don’t WANT to reach out to right wing Evangelicals, screw em’.

As you read these comments from the DU’ers, ask yourself how religious people can co-exist in a party that’s chock full to the brim with people who have attitudes like this:

Philosoraptor: “I don’t WANT to reach out to right wing Evangelicals, screw em’.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Democrats suggest we need to close the supposed gap between Democrats and the so called Evangelicals. That we need to reach out to them, to invite them into our fold, reason with them, appease them, etc.

I disagree. If you are an evangelical, you can still be a Democrat of course, and that’s not who I’m referring to. I am talking about the right wing evangelicals who actually think the creator of all things chose the stupidest man on earth to be our president.

How and why would you reach out to them? I don’t want them around, and I know I can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, they are either going to come around to me, or screw em’. You can’t make a right wing evangelical into a Democrat if they are not willing to already. They see us as enemies, and I return the favor.

I don’t want to try to reason with them, or appeal to them with logic, its pointless. I don’t want to welcome them into my party, look what they did to the right wing. Screw them.”

eallen: “Agree. They are what we are not. This is the political issue of our times.”

bluestateguy: “No, no. I want to connect with them. With a fist to the face. :rofl: Seriously, though, they are only 20-25% of the population. Republicans have no qualms about writing off liberals, gays and blacks. Why do we have to connect with white evangelical conservatives? Why must we be the party of everybody? There is no shame in leaving some Americans behind in our vision of America.”

Donnachaidh: “100% Agree — these people are sheep. They can stuff the *reaching out* bit.”

BeachBuckeye: “Totally agree! They are regressive, power hungry, dangerous and needing to be put in their places. If they are allowed to have their way we’ll be having “Salem Witch Trials” all over America.”

LeftyMom: “They’re f*cking crazy. You can’t talk sense to them. It’s a waste of time.”

Skidmore: Call them what they are. Religious fanatics. Extremists. Cult members. They are no different than Muslim extremists, Jewish extremists, or any other extremist or fanatical religious cult.

Hamlette: “it is a complete waste of time. Fundamentalists and many (most?) evangelicals distrust reason.

There is no middle ground with them. They are incapable of compromise because that would be against god’s word.

I had a good friend who was a very politically liberal evangelical. We parted company over gay rights. It got pretty bloody when we stopped talking 7 years ago. His position was everyone gets his or her moral code/values from god, even if you don’t believe in god. This guy had a PhD so I thought there was some hope that he could reason.

I don’t get religion and maybe they are not all like this but evangelicals believe that people are incapable of devising a moral code based on reason. By extension, they believe we are all lesser people because we refuse to follow the one true path even though, to them, god’s existence is obvious.

When you deal with religious people, you hit a brick wall if you do not believe. A place beyond which you can no longer have a reasonable discussion because they trump you with god. With reasonable religious people that place is so far back its not an issue. But with evangelicals they believe they must make a public display of their religion, that religion should “inform” everything in our lives especially politics, and their one true calling is to convert people. The only difference between them and the terrorists is they are not (yet?) willing to kill to get their way.”

endarkenment: “Lets reach out to meet intolerant bigots halfway!

I know, we can just give up half of our remaining rights. I’m sure the Big Tent of Bigotry and Intolerance has lots of room for all sorts of bigots. It sure will be fun to have such a broad mix of views in the party. Hey we can bring in the corporate greed heads and neoclowns too. Oh wait, they are already here and are the ones bringing in the religious bigots! Yipee!”

Libby2: “Oh, I do!! I want to reach out and knock them right on their *sses.”

leftofthedial: “we need to ensure that mentally ill people get the help they need and are made no longer a threat to the well being of themselves, of others and of their country”

Sinti: “I’ve always felt they needed deprogramming. They need help to get out of their self-made hell. Appeasement, however, turns us into them – f*ck that. Don’t change the party to please them, that would be insane. The deprogrammer needs to be really subtle in the beginning, and it takes a lot of patience – most folks wouldn’t have the stomach for it, they’d rather just smack ’em up and hope that straightens them out.”

You know what the difference is between people like this and Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, the people at the ACLU, etc.? These people are willing to openly and honestly say what they believe because they’re not trying to raise money or run for office. Otherwise, they’re birds of a feather.

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