Daily News For Sept 5, 2006


Missile Fired At Mccain Escort Helicopter During European Visit

No. 2 Al-Qaida Leader In Iraq Arrested

200 Taliban Killed In Fighting

Friendly Fire Kills Canadian In Afghanistan

Europe Nixes Landing Rights For El Al Planes With IDF Cargo


G.O.P. Sets Aside Work on Immigration (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Illegal Immigration Rallies Haven’t Produced Surge Of New Voters

Bush, Clinton, Limbaugh, Cronkite To Launch Couric

National Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Hires Firm That Pays Subminimum Wages To Push For A Higher Minimum Wage


Jerry Falwell Talks Up George Allen’s Opponent, James Webb

The QandO Blog’s Jon Henke Is Hired As Netroots Coordinator For The George Allen Campaign

Wildly Varying Poll Numbers For The Rhode Island Primary Race Between Lincoln Chafee And Steve Laffey

Election Projection Evaluates All 33 Senate Races This Year


Human Events: Democratic Win in November Would Move House Committees to Far Left

Kerry Rowe: Reuters Admits, Then Covers Up Taking Hezbo Instructions

Donald Lambro: Economy Bad? Sorry, Numbers Don’t Add Up

David Limbaugh: Bankrupt


WWII Hero Gabaldon Dies

Steve Irwin’s Freak Death Filmed (Poor Guy. Rest In Peace)

Extra Organs Found In Body

China: 3 Men Tried For Selling Online Game Weapons

Blogs For Bush Get A Book Deal

Website Of The Day: Daily Pundit

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