Double Mini-Movie Review: Crank + Talladega Nights

Movie Review #1: Crank

If Grand Theft Auto were made into a movie, it would be Crank, a movie about a Hitman who’s poisoned with a drug that will kill him by shutting down his adrenalin gland. His only mission? To keep his adrenalin flowing long enough by moving, fighting, or having sex to get revenge on the man who poisoned him.

The “hero,” played by Jason Statham of Transporter fame, is a completely amoral killer who could have been ripped right out of the world of Sin City and his only redeeming quality is his love for his girlfriend, who is convinced that he’s a computer geek.

Still, the movie is absolutely packed, from beginning to end, with non-stop action. In other words, get your popcorn, get your drink, and head to the loo before you go in because there won’t be a convenient time to go to the bathroom once the movie starts. Rating? Thumbs up.

Movie Review #2: Talladega Nights

This was a fun movie that featured a likable, yet not too bright Ricky Bobby, going up against the ultimate villain for the NASCAR set: a gay, married, philosophy-loving Frenchman with an outrageous accent.

So, how funny is it? Funnier than Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, but not quite as funny as Zoolander. In other words, it’s pretty good for a comedy. Thumbs up.

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