Daily News For Sept 7, 2006


Iraq To Take Control Of Armed Forces

Ahmadinejad to Cuba, New York (Why Is This Scumbag Being Allowed Into America?)

Border Deal Threatens To Close Trap On Taleban

The Government Of Pakistan Today Denied It Would Allow Osama Bin Laden To Avoid Capture Under Terms Of A Peace Agreement It Signed With Taliban Leaders

Al-Qaida’s No. 2 In Iraq Arrested In June, Not A Few Days Ago

Iraq Hangs 27 On Terrorism Charges

Wave Of Resignations Hit Blair As He Warns Of Electoral Defeat

Tokyo Urged To Consider N-Bombs


High-Value Terrorist Detainees Will Be Given Prisoner-of-War Status

Vote on Rumsfeld Fizzling Out in Senate

Ex-Ill. Gov. Gets 6 1/2 Years for Graft

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Dem Leaders Barely Known To U.S. Voters, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Slight Thaw In Feelings Toward President Bush

Press Release: Rightroots Endorses Ralph Norman For Congress

Constituent Dynamics Polls Of Some Of The Key Congressional Races (.PDF Files)


Rich Lowry: Dem’s Middle-Class Problem. The Message Of Doom And Gloom Falls Flat

Joe Wilson: The End Of An Error

Real Clear Politics: Understanding Bush’s Speech

Ed Koch: Wake Up! We Are At War

Jonah Goldberg: Embarrassing Coverage

Michael Medved: Why Seek “Proportional” Warfare?


Fox Reporter Bleeds In On-Camera Attack

Despite Slur, Bryant Gumbel to Keep NFL Job

Pakistani Lawmakers Threaten To Quit If Islamic Pro-Rape Rape Laws Are Changed

Sex-With-Corpse Scheme Busted. Woman’s Obituary Photo Spurred Wisconsin Trio’s Grave Robbery Attempt

Vlog: Atlas Vlogs (Ouch, She Is Soooooo Hot)

Breast Vlogging (This Is Great, But Dirty)

Website Of The Day: America Weakly

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