Moderate Muslims — Speak Up or Get Lumped In with The Islamo-Fascists

A recent USA TODAY/Gallup Poll showed that the American people are becoming progressively more hostile towards Muslims. For American Muslims, these are not encouraging numbers:

“Thirty-nine percent of respondents…said they felt at least some prejudice against Muslims. The same percentage favored requiring Muslims, including U.S. citizens, to carry a special ID “as a means of preventing terrorist attacks in the United States.” About one-third said U.S. Muslims were sympathetic to al-Qaeda, and 22% said they wouldn’t want Muslims as neighbors.”

Now, why are we seeing this increasing level of hostility toward Muslims when the overwhelming majority of practitioners of Islam in the United States are peaceful, decent folk?

I’d suggest that it’s being caused by two things: Islamo-Fascists making the news for behaving badly and moderate Muslims refusing to speak up about it.

As far as the Islamo-Fascists go, you can hardly turn on the TV or pick up a paper without reading about a suicide bombing, honor killing, beheading, mass murder, or forced conversion committed by Muslims in the name of Allah. Maybe moderate Muslims are hesitant to speak up, but the extremists don’t hesitate to tell the world that Islam is all about murder, death, and savagery. They also seem to have no reservations about acting on their beliefs.

Let me show you what I mean. What you’re about to read are 5 headlines per month taken straight from the daily news section of my blog, Right Wing News, over the last year. As you read these Islam related headlines, keep in mind that it would have been easy to post 3 or 4 times as many items for any given month.

September, 2005

Ditch Holocaust Day, Advisers Urge Blair Because It Is Offensive To Muslims

Jews And Freemasons Controlled War On Iraq Says Muslim Adviser To Tony Blair

Suicide Bomber Says He Was Kidnapped, Drugged, And Beaten To Be Forced To Take The Mission

Poll: Muslim Students Protect Terrorists. 10% In UK Wouldn’t Expose Co-religionist Plotting Attack

Reports: Plot To Attack Paris Subway, Airport. Police Arrest 9 In Anti-Terror Sweep After Tip Off From Algerian Authorities

October, 2005

The United States And Its Allies Have Thwarted At Least 10 Serious Al Qaeda Terrorist Plots Since Sept. 11, 2001, Including Never-Before-Disclosed Plans To Use Hijacked Commercial Airliners To Attack The East And West Coasts In 2002 And 2003, President Bush And His Aides Said

Police Investigate New York Subway Terror Threat

India’s First Female Bomber Strikes

Chechen Terrorists Murder 85 In Russia

Bombs Kill More Than 40 In Indian Capital

November, 2005

Rioting Spreads To 300 Towns In France

Aussie Terrorists Had Stockpiled Enough Chemicals To Make At Least 15 Large Bombs To Be Used Against Selected Targets

Al-Qaeda Calls Queen An ‘Enemy Of Islam’

Anti-Christian Rampage By 2,000 India Muslims. Organized Vandals In Buses Burn Churches, Convent, Schools, Homes Of Pastors, Priests

A Village Council In Pakistan Has Decreed That Five Young Women Should Be Abducted, Raped Or Killed For Refusing To Honour Childhood “Marriages”

December, 2005

Iran President Expresses Doubt Holocaust Happened

U.S. Reporter Denied Entry To Syria Because He’s A Jew

Iranian Cleric: Muslims Could Nuke Israel

Pakistan: Nazir Ahmed Appears Calm And Unrepentant As He Recounts How He Slit The Throats Of His Three Young Daughters And Their 25-Year Old Stepsister To Salvage His Family’s “Honor”

65% Of Palestinians Applaud Terror Attacks On US And Europe

January, 2006

UK: Muslims Boycott Holocaust Day

Iran To Hold Holocaust Denial Conference

Iranian Pilgrims In Mecca Shout “Death To America”

Iran Leader: Islam To ‘Rule The World’

Iran To Hang Teenage Girl Attacked By Rapists

February, 2006

Muslims Attack Danish Embassy Building In Jakarta

Suicide Blast, Clashes in Pakistan Kill 22

Female Reporter Stoned For Not Wearing A Headscarf At Turkish Cartoon Protest

Poll Reveals 40% Of Muslims Want Sharia Law In UK

An Islamic Court In India Has Issued A Fatwa, Or Religious Decree, Condemning To Death The 12 Artists Who Drew The Controversial Images Of The Prophet Mohammed

March, 2006

100,000 “Mostly Muslim” Protestors In India Chant “Death To Bush”

Lawyers For A Cleric Have Urged A Judge In Yemen To Condemn To Death A Local Editor Who Published The Danish Caricatures Of The Prophet Muhammad

Tarheel Terrorist Tried To Kill Americans Out Of “Love For Allah”

Afghan Man Faces Execution After Converting to Christianity

A Spanish Judge Has Charged 32 Suspected Islamic Militants Over An Alleged Plot To Blow Up The National Court In Madrid

April, 2006

Iranians Claim To Have 40,000 Suicide Bombers Ready To Attack America

Iranian Group Seeks British Suicide Bombers

Palestinian: ‘Even Though I Am Suffering, My Suicide Bomber Son Was A Hero’

Sienna Miller Gets Death Threats From Muslims. U.S.-Born Actress Warned ‘She Will Be Sorry’ Unless She Pulls Out Of Film

‘Pregnant’ Suicide Bomber Takes Sri Lanka To The Brink Of Civil War

May, 2006

Terrorists Massacre 26 In India

Saudi Cleric Sees U.S. Collapsing, Muslim Victory. Al-Jazeera Broadcasts Remarks On Upcoming ‘Battle’ With ‘Enemies Of Allah’

Yay For Wifebeating In Jordan And Egypt?

An Egyptian Blogger Arrested For Promoting Freedom, Blogs From Jail

Saudi School Textbooks Encourage Jihad Against The Infidels

June, 2006

England Afraid To Fly Its Own Flag. Following Threats By Extremist Islamic Group, Several Corporations, Chain Of Pubs Ban England Flag

London: Terror Cell ‘Was Planning Nerve Gas Attack On Capital’

No Music, No Dancing, No Football As Muslim Law Takes Over From Reign Of The Warlords

40 Percent Of The Moroccan Youth In The Netherlands Reject Western Values And Democracy. Six To Seven Percent Are Prepared To Use Force To Defend Islam.

Hamas: Islam Will Conquer US And Britain

July, 2006

Poll: 77% Of Palestinians Back The Kidnapping Of Corporal Gilad Shalid And 60 Percent Back Rocket Attacks On Israel

Joking Muslim Cleric Mocks Victims Of London Blasts

Terrorist Bombs Kill 190 In India

67% Of Iranians Say Israel “Is Illegitimate And Should Not Exist.” 9% Disagree.

Hezbollah Fires Rocket-A-Minute At Israel

August, 2006

From Iran: “Death To America!”

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei: ‘America Can Expect A Resounding Slap And A Devastating Fist-Blow From The Muslim Nation’

British Police Arrested 24 People In Overnight Raids And Said On Thursday They Had Foiled A Plot To Commit “Mass Murder” By Blowing Up Several Aircraft Flying Over The Atlantic Ocean To The United States

Terrorists Planning To Use Their Babies As Cover Sought In Britain

Fox News Crew Freed After Gaza Ordeal — Forced To Convert To Islam At Gunpoint

Now, after reading all that and more, what would you expect the average American to think about Islam? Especially when thousands of Muslims will riot over cartoons featuring Muhammad, but few will protest terrorist attacks in the name of Allah? Can you blame Americans for being suspicious of Muslims when groups like CAIR complain about the use of the word “Islamo-Fascism,” but don’t seem to have much to say about actual Muslims advocating Fascism in the name of Islam? What are Americans supposed to think when they see people getting their heads cut off in the name of Allah while moderate Muslims simply shrug their shoulders and declare that Islam is a religion of peace?

Among Americans, there is a growing and hardening suspicion that moderate Muslims are really nothing but “moderate” Muslims who talk about peace while they tacitly support terrorism. There’s a simple way for Muslims to change that perception. All they need to do is regularly condemn terrorism, condemn Sharia, condemn Hamas, condemn Hezbollah, and condemn Al-Qaeda. Maybe it’s unfair that Muslims should be asked to do that and unfair that what extremists are doing should reflect badly upon Muslims who don’t share their beliefs. However, fair or unfair, more moderate Muslims need to speak out, loudly, about their disagreements with the Islamo-Fascists or regrettably, the number of people in the United States and across the world that are hostile to Islam is only going to continue to increase.

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