Daily News For September 14, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

New Orleans Death Toll Climbs To 423

La. Nursing Home Owners Charged With 34 Cases Of Negligient Homicide

Nagin May Allow Uptown, French Quarter And Algiers Residents Back Monday

Ray Nagin Buys House In Dallas

New Orleans Airport Reopens After 2 Weeks


Bush, Talabani Say No Timetable For Withdrawal. Iraqi President Appears To Back Away From Earlier Remarks (Free WAPO Reg Req)

U.S. May Start Pulling Out of Afghanistan Next Spring (Free NYT Reg Req)

Brussels Has Been Given The Power To Compel British Courts To Fine Or Imprison People For Breaking EU Laws, Even If The Government And Parliament Are Opposed

Sharon To Tell UN: Israel’s Responsibility For Gaza Has Ended

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Bush to Address Nation Thursday From La.

Roberts Rebuffs Democrats’ Questions

Tancredo: Crescent 9/11 Memorial Honors Terrorists

Northwest and Delta Airlines Are Said to Be Preparing for Bankruptcy (Free NYT Reg Req)


David Aaronovitch: Hiroshima, Abu Ghraib, Dresden: But Which Is Highest On The Cruelty Scale

John Podhoretz: Behind The Failure

Steve Chapman: Should We Rebuild New Orleans?

Matt LaBash: The Struggle To Survive The Disaster In New Orleans (This Is Must Read)

Brendan Miniter: Long Before Katrina, The Welfare State Failed New Orleans’s Poor

Ralph Peters: Count On The Calvary In Iraq


Fertility Scientists Will Be Pricking Up Their Ears At The News That A Woman Who Had Been Barren For Several Years Has Conceived Thanks To A Ride On A Particularly Fierce Rollercoaster

Real Shaolin Monks To Start Making Martial Arts Movies

Ohio: Neighbors Say Kids Found in Cages Polite

Website Of The Day: Varifrank

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