I Get Letters: The Black Leader Edition

As a blogger, I can tell you that there’s nothing quite like getting acerbic, barely coherent, hate mail from semi-literate cretins. But, don’t take my word for it! Now you too can experience the same thrill as you read some of these very real emails that I’ve received of late. Enjoy!

From: ([email protected]**********)
Subject: i do have a problem with this nation Bush Bush and you

“You narrow-minded fools. So in america its allright to be a man of god and f*ck little alter boys in the ass. If you are dying of cancer. We got to get thouse evil pot smoking grateful dead music lovers There evil. Hey by the way when’s bush going to smoke out ol-bin lauden.

I got some good hash he might like. Hey wasn’t hiltler a Christian? Get those n*ggers, f*gs. weed smokers. Let shove them all in jail. Oh but if you have enough money you can murder your x-wife and f*ck little boys and girls in the *ss. But thouse evil hippies kill them to. Sounds like your god justs like white up-tight white folk who can’t handle dope probably a closest f*ggot himself who earily on in life relized he wasn’t going to amount in life so he had to be a uptight d*ckhead. Telling on people being a narc- that why over half of America’s police force, dea, all of america’s alpahbet soup. Are made up of uptight f*gs (real f*gs, not cool ones). Oh poor baby has no talent., can’t get laid, can’t play a gutair. What come around goes around. I’am sure i’ll see you soon in ww3333333333

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Since your beloved leader has manage to p*ss off the whole world with his f*cking lies and deciet. I’am sure when your beloved christ returns. You will be surprise who will be be in the lake forever. While the meek, the talent, the people who truely obey christ and help the down in out will f*ck fine girls forever and ever, free from you evil racist, rapist molesters. Discliamer, not all cops, dea, right wingers are this way. There are alot of solid people and you know who you are. Hey? who whould Jesus bomb? Your dumb *ss sh*t kicking *ss hopefully!!!!!!See You on tour this fall!!!!! Bobby Brown”

From: Nancy Chupp ([email protected]********)
Subject: Dear Mr. Hawkins

“Dear Mr.Hawkins;

I want to emplore you to make a statement to the news media stating that President Bush does not hate Black people and that the statement is absurd. You are a fine men. Bush is a fine man. None of America may like all his policies, but he does not hate Black people. It is a shame to let the “Way Out There Leftists” fulment unrest and hatred of Mr. Bush. Frankly it is scary. You as a Black Leader should get on TV, along with other respected Black Leaders, and stop this wild deviating from the truth. Mr. Bush does not hate Black people or Poor People.

Nancy Chupp”

(*** Hawkins note: Ehr….I’m not black ***)

From: peter ryerson ([email protected]******)
Subject: (no subject)


You are an ignoramous and Ann Coulter is a sleazy c*nt. Seriously. Just thought you might like to know.


A conservative with a mind of my own who realizes that the Republican party is taking us to hell in a handbasket, what with the deficit and this trumped-up war in Iraq, assuring our cherished children an unending and unpayable debt to communist China. You sad f*ck, you.

What say you, sir? Are you, or Lady Ann, up to the challenge of refuting what I suggest? I don’t expect to hear back from you. That’s alright. I understand. Invertebrates generally shun the light of day.”

From: ([email protected]******)
Subject: (no subject)

“i think that all u horrible smelly p*kis should just f*ck off and leave us brits and americans alone.you are all smelly horrible f*cks!!!!!without out us you wouldnt even b able to make a wed site now f*ck off u scrounging smelly p*ki f*cks!!!!!”

(*** Hawkins Note: I have no clue where that came from ***)

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