Daily News For September 26, 2006


Opec Considers Drop In Output

Taliban Gunmen Carried Out Their First Assassination Of A Female Afghan Government Official Yesterday

Senior Militant ‘Killed In Iraq’

Musharraf: Us Paid Millions For Al-Qaeda Prisoners


Cheney: Democrats ‘Defeatists’ on Terror War

Still Spending: Senate Set To Bust Budget Caps By $32 Billion

Cop Killing Sparks Illegal Immigration Debate


Allen Denies Using Racial Slur In School

Salon Story That Allen Used The N-Word In College Looks To Be Untrue

Rasmussen On The Washington Senate: Bounce For Cantwell Fading, She Now Leads By 6

Latest Senate Race Numbers From RealClearPolitics

An Ad From Rightroots Endorsed Candidate Peter Roskam

Akaka Beats Case For U.S. Senate

GOP Aide To Rep. Charles Bass Busted Making Fake Posts On Liberal Blogs


Mitt Romney: Romney Rides High

Mary Katharine Ham: Chicks Carrying Guns and Kicking Tail

Byron York: Bill Clinton’s Excuses

Michael Barone: The Growth Of A Nation


Berlin’s Deutsche Oper Has Removed The Provocative Staging Of A Mozart Opera From Its Schedule For Fear Of Enraging Muslims

Britain: Is There Anybody Out There? How The Men From The Ministry Hid The Hunt For UFOs

Video: The Monica Lewinsky Bop

Website Of The Day: Stop The ACLU

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