How Do Many Liberals Really Feel About Christians?

Over at the wildly popular liberal blog, The Smirking Chimp, there are a couple of posts, both on the front page, that merit a closer look.

First, there’s a column from Gary Vance called “How Can Any Christian Support the GOP?” Here’s a quote from that column:

“Many Democratic candidates have become more open about their religious faith during this election cycle in an attempt to appeal to the Christian values driven voting bloc. Critics on the Right ridicule this effort as being nothing more than shallow and insincere religious grandstanding.”

Is it “shallow and insincere grandstanding?” In a word, yes. Witness another post from the front page called, “Religion or Reality. Choose,” by W. Christopher Epler, which is representative of how a significant portion of the Democrats’ liberal base feels about Christians. Here’s an excerpt from the column:

“Religious fanaticism is simply institutionalized psychosis and if we ever needed all the help we could get from reality folk (mystics) and courageous scientists, it’s now.

Our planet cannot be pummeled much longer by these nut cases without passing infinitely tragic points of no return.

T.S. Elliot spoke of ending with a bang or a whimper. Let’s not permit Mother Nature and our beloved (and one and only!) planet Earth to end with a Bush/Republican whimper.”

Certainly, you can be a Christian and a Democrat. Moreover, there are plenty of Christians who do feel comfortable with the Democratic Party and feel that it best represents their views as Christians.

But, isn’t there a point where as a Christian Democrat, you have to say, “Enough is enough?” Isn’t there a point where you have to say, “I can’t be part of a political party where the view that religion is “institutionalized psychosis” is a mainstream view that most liberals either agree with or don’t think is worthy of being challenged?

Isn’t there a point where you have to say, “Look, you can’t have my vote if I am going to be sneered at like this day in and day out. You can’t have my vote if support for the ACLU comes above support for Christianity. You can’t have my vote when liberals laughingly mock Christianity without the slightest fear that it will hurt their standing in the party. I’m not insisting that the Democratic Party agree with me on every issue, but they should show me a modicum of respect as a Christian.”

You’d think that the Christians in the Democratic Party would insist on at least that much, but so far, it’s not happening.

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