Daily News For September 8, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Congress Approves $51.8 Billion In Katrina Aid

Officials Prepare 25,000 Body Bags

Retreating Waters Reveal Katrina’s Horrors. Seniors Die In Beds; Troops Find Beaten Bodies In Convention Centre’s Freezer

Over The Five Years Of President Bush’s Administration, Louisiana Has Received Far More Money For Corps Civil Works Projects Than Any Other State, About $1.9 Billion; California Was A Distant Second With Less Than $1.4 Billion

New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes (Free NYT Reg Req)

Barbour Pushes Mississippi ‘Renaissance’

CBS Poll: The American People Aren’t Happy With Anybody’s Response To The Hurricane

Pew Poll: The Racial Split Over Katrina

Boys’ Lemonade Stand Raises $1,000. 9-Year-Old Twins Launch Business To Aid Survivors


Bobby Jindal: In Katrina’s Wake, Red Tape Too Often Trumped Common Sense

The Economist: Tentative Steps Down The Road To Democracy

Ken Burris: FEMA Has Met Hurricane Katrina Head On

John Hinderaker: Replacing Rehnquist Before O’connor Makes Matters Tougher On The Bush Administration And Guarantees A Showdown With Liberal Interest Groups

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Democrats’ Katrina Related Anti-Bush Petition Also Seeks Political Contributions

Grand Jury Indicts PAC Connected To DeLay

Berger To Pay $50,000 Fine For Taking Papers (Free NYT Reg Req)

Zogby Poll: Bush Approval At All-Time Low: Would Lose To Every President From Carter On, But Would Still Beat Kerry

Air America Has Agreed To Put The Entire $875,000 It Received From A Bronx-Based Boys & Girls Club Into An Escrow Account


Car bomb attack kills 16 in Basra

Navy: Iraqis Know MIA Pilot’s, Scott” Speicher’s, Whereabouts


HIV-Positive Spitter Sentenced For Attempted Murder Of New York Police

Landlord Sues Restaurateurs Over Ghosts

Website Of The Day: Mercy Corps

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