Quote Of The Day: Republican Racists Can’t Fool People After Katrina

There’s no reason to hide it anymore. Even rap stars like Kanya West have figured it out. “George Bush doesn’t like black people.” Just ask Condi Rice, Rod Paige or Colin Powell. Air America’s Randi Rhodes knows it. She said the Bush is happy when black people are dying. That’s why he signed a bill sending $10.5 billion in hurricane relief, much of it going to black communities in Louisiana and Mississippi.

When members of the Congressional Black Caucus compare conditions at the Houston Astrodome to slavery; when Jesse Jackson, Jr. defends the right of looters to steal plasma TVs in order to eat (there’s a recipe I’d like to have); when Randall Robinson “reports” that “black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive” (a recipe I’d rather skip); when these unfounded charges are repeated again and again, inflaming racial tension at a time of great national tragedy—what these courageous leaders of America’s black community are really saying is “It doesn’t matter how many millions of white Americans send how many billions in aid and charity to those suffering along the Gulf. America is still racist and we know it! You can’t fool us!”

And I ask you, in all honesty: Who can argue with logic like that?” — Michael Graham

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