Dean Demands Saddam’s Release, Recapture By U.N. By Scott Ott

Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean today said the capture of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein “lacks legitimacy because it was a unilateral effort by American forces.”

“It’s great that Saddam Hussein was caught, but we did it all wrong and he should be released immediately,” said Mr. Dean, “This will allow him to be recaptured later by a true multilateral coalition led by the United Nations.”

The former Vermont governor noted that U.S. forces acted pre-emptively to surround the area where Mr. Hussein had hidden, and declined the former Iraqi leader’s offer to negotiate.

“It’s just another example of cowboy diplomacy,” he said. “The Bush administration’s ignorance in foreign policy and military matters is stunning. Did they read Mr. Hussein his Miranda rights? Did he get his phone call? Was there even a search warrant? We in the global community demand the justice that only the United Nations can legitimately deliver.”

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