Saddam’s Capture Keeps Driving Crazed Lefties Out Of The Woodwork

They just keep on coming folks, one right after the other. Lefty Rob Borsellino comments on Saddam’s capture in Monday’s Des Moines Register,

“Are they toying with us again, lying like they did about the weapons of mass destruction and the Iraq-9/11 connection?

Can we believe them when they say it’s Saddam Hussein, or did they dress up one of his look-alikes?

Did they really catch him now or were they holding him until Sunday morning so the Bush team could do the talk-show circuit?

Is this just one big stunt to raise Bush’s poll numbers?

It’s gotten to that point with me. I’ve been burned a few times and now I just don’t believe these guys. It’s not a particularly good feeling, but I know I’m not alone. I’ve talked to a lot of people who feel the same way.

Back in the summer, a friend admitted that she was actually taking comfort from the terrible news coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan. She’d hear about explosions, ambushes, the killing of U.N. officials, pro-American Iraqis, innocent children, and she was saddened by the deaths. But ultimately she thought it was a good thing. She’d thought that enough bloodshed and disaster would create a movement in this country, a demand to get our people home and save some lives. Maybe enough death would wake folks up to the fact that we have no business running around the globe killing people.

She felt terrible. As an American – someone who genuinely loves this country – she was horrified at her own reaction, embarrassed.

And she’s not alone, but it’s not the kind of thing people feel comfortable discussing.”

Hey Rob Borsellino, here’s a newsflash; if your friend thinks “bloodshed and disaster” in Iraq & Afghanistan are “ultimately…a good thing,” then she certainly doesn’t “genuinely (love) this country”. To the contrary, she’s a lousy, unpatriotic, excuse for an American and a lousy, pitiful, excuse for a human being. Oh and by the way nutjob, you should quit your job and check yourself into a mental hospital to get help dealing with the paranoid conspiracy theories you buy into. Say hello to Jim McDermott and Cynthia McKinney while you’re in there.

However, Borsellino is right about one thing; “she’s not alone, but it’s not the kind of thing people feel comfortable discussing”. In my opinion, that sentence sums up why you see so many people on the anti-war left who downplay every bit of good news that comes out of Iraq & seem almost triumphant when they hear bad news. Are they hoping that things fall apart in Afghanistan and Iraq just so it’ll help the Democrats in 2004? In many cases, I think the answer to that is “yes” although you’ll only get a few of them to admit it. Go ahead, convince me that I’m wrong, it’ll make me feel better about the anti-war left…

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