Dear Mexico. A letter From America By RightWingDuck

Dear Mexico,

How’s it going? I hope you are fine. We are very sorry that you are upset over our recent border incursion. It turns out that there was like this really big fire and we needed to put it out and stuff.

Sure, we crossed your border illegally, but we pretty much did what your people do every day. Remember, we did it because our people needed the work and had families back home they had to feed.

Ha ha. I made a little running across the border joke. Get it?

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Anyway, I’m sure you will notice a few differences:

1. None of the forest service workers stayed to have babies with the hope of seeking Mexican Citizenship.

2. We are not asking any of your Mexican employees to learn English. If that offends you, please call our complaint line. Press 2 for Spanish.

3. Did you notice we left right away? Did you notice the part about not demanding free education or health care?

Again, we’re sorry if our recent incursion across the border bothered you. Next time there is a fire, we’ll be sure to send the firefighters in the most appropriate vehicle possible: In the back of a refrigerated trailer.



This content was used with the permission of IMAO.

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