Why Aren’t Republicans In Congress Standing By Gonzales? I’ll Tell You Why…

Over at Bloomberg, they’ve put out an article that declares, “Attorney General Alberto Gonzales found few defenders in Congress among fellow Republicans as Democrats escalated demands for his resignation over the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.”

So, if this scandal is manufactured out of nothing, and it is, then why aren’t more Republicans sticking up for Bush and Gonzales?

#1) Bush’s approval rating is in the low thirties, so Republicans in Congress don’t want to be associated with him any more than is absolutely necessary.

#2) If the Bushies aren’t going to make a real effort to defend themselves, why does anyone think Republicans in Congress are going to stick their necks out to do it?

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#3) Because of the Harriet Miers debacle, Republicans in Congress are probably terrified that Bush would nominate Gonzales for a Supreme Court seat if one came available and they know that if Alberto takes a beating here, that won’t happen.

This Bush Administration did absolutely nothing wrong by firing those US Attorneys, but because they have the sort of political acumen you’d normally associate with a 7th grader running for student council for the first time, this is biting them on the behind.

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