Democrat Alan Dershowitz endorses Republican Joel Pollak–Rebuking Democrats

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Via YouTube–Alan Dershowitz crossed party lines and endorsed Republican Joel Pollak: rebuking the Obama agenda and fellow Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky in Illinois of all places.:  I have to admit, this is impressive from Dershowitz as he clearly recognizes the dire straits this country is in and he makes it known.:  If you are unfamiliar with Schakowski, you may know her better by her ex-con husband Robert Creamer: who is highlighted so well by Pollak and others at Breitbart’s Big Government.:  Schakowsky is also a huge fan of Helen Thomas.: 

I’m sure there are many other Hollywood-type Democrats shaking their heads these days–especially after Obama has exploded the debt, has troops in Afghanistan dying, has not closed Gitmo, reauthorized the Patriot Act (as is), and has basically ignored the Gulf oil spill–only tending to it with rhetoric.

I’m hoping that this wakes up many–especially those Jewish voters: (this video, even though David Frum moderates, is very poignant) who typically vote Democrat–that the November elections have nothing to do with party allegience, but rather the clear path of which direction this country will finally take and how this administration carves out it allies.

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