Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Lying About Republicans Is A-Ok!

Democratic Underground poster ThomWV explains his strategy for the 2004 election — lie, lie, lie!!!

ThomWV: “I live in West Virginia. At least in this rural area I am certain that the major perception causing so very many of these good Democrats to have voted for the chimp in 2000 was that ‘Gore wants to take our guns’. It was on everyone’s lips in the runup to the election. It was utter nonsense of course, but it was the perception

I have begun telling people this, and maybe its wrong of me to have done it, and maybe I should quit, but here it is: I tell them that one of Bush’s senior advisors, Richard Pearle, is promoting a National ID card for all Americans, one that will have your name and your home address on it but what with the computers these days one that is also linked to the FBI center right down the road in Clarksburg, WV. I tell them further that there is a firearms database at that FBI center and that card they are going to have to carry (they will be jailed if they are caught without it) tells the Bush’s Government right where to go to get their guns, to know every detail about their finances, including the purchase of ammunition, and that it is the first step in making slaves of them.

Who am I to say that its not true? Pearle has recommended the card, and in fact a review of his latest book I heard said it also includes the suggestion of the revocation of citizenship for native-born Americans who offend the powers that be.

So, am I dead wrong in doing this? How about just a little bit wrong? How about right on the money and I should keep on doing it? What do you think?”

Now surely, no one else at the Democratic Underground thought it was a good idea to lie about Republican positions right? Of course, those of you familiar with the Democratic Underground know the correct answer to that one…

ima_sinnic: “I feel it is all right. first of all, subtlety is wasted on many ordinary people. but mainly, though the details you provide may not be exactly fulfilled, the general spirit of what you describe is deadly accurate. you are in effect making a parable.

another fact you might want to add, without the slightest guilt, is that under a second go-round of BushCo they can expect a military draft to be enacted.”

Yes, by lying you are in effect “making a parable”. That’s an interesting way of looking at it huh?

In the end, 3 Duers thought it was OK to lie and 2 said it was a bad idea. Those may not seem to be the best numbers in the world, but if we could get Wesley Clark or Howard Dean to tell the truth about George Bush 40% of the time, it would be a big improvement.

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