How Do You Reach The “Bush Is A Nazi Crowd”? You Don’t…

I received an email from 15 year high school student named Sam Burke who is a bit perplexed about how to counter the arguments of moonbats he runs into in high school. He describes some of the things they debate and then goes on to say,

So by now we’re insulting each other’s parties, pointing out the evils of each other, until those dreaded words escape my enemy’s lips: “Well…Bush is some communist Nazi bent on conquering the world for his own evil schemes!”

Remember how I mentioned the quotes that leave me paralyzed in silence?

Well, this is one of them.

…Anyway, all I request is a good comeback to these random bursts of ignorance, something just as good – no, better! – To leave THEM silent instead, not from stupidity either — but silent from the truth.

I believe you can deliver.”

Regrettably Sam, when you’re speaking to someone who’s so far gone that they believe “Bush is some communist Nazi bent on conquering the world for his own evil schemes,” I just don’t think that there is much you’re going to be able to do or say to get them to see the truth. Personally, I wouldn’t even bother to try.

Now, knowing conservatives as I do, I’m guessing that a lot of the people reading this, find that to be an unsatisfactory answer. I can just hear the comments now, “Come on Hawkins! There has to be some argument you can make, some way you can come at this guy to make him see that he’s wrong. I mean there’s just no evidence that Bush is ‘communist Nazi bent on conquering the world’.”

But that’s just it; it’s not about arguments, evidence, or logic with these people. I mean think about it; how could a rational, logical, person be convinced that Bush is another Hitler, wants to conquer the world, plans to stick liberals in camps, is going to turn the US into a dictatorship, or any of the other crazy things we hear far too often on the left these days? Logic has nothing to do with it, so trying to convince them with logic is pointless.

In my experience, most (but not all) of these people either have a Chomskyesque world view (i.e. America is the root of all evil) or they believe that conservatives are the root of all evil in America. Once they accept that basic premise, everything else falls into place from there. Just think about it….

If the people in power / conservatives aren’t just people with different views, if they’re actually greedy, selfish, and yes, even evil, then is it not a given that Bush is also evil? Would you put it past a man who was truly evil to try to conquer the world or stick liberals in camps one day? No, of course not, because that’s the sort of thing evil people do. That blanket assumption of evil is why they always assume the worst about Bush in particular & America/Republicans in general.

Now, how are you going to be convince someone who has that sort of world view that, “Bush (isn’t) some communist Nazi bent on conquering the world for his own evil schemes”? You’re not going to be able to do it, no matter what you say to them, because in order to turn them around, you’d have to change the whole way that they perceive the world. That’s why I think you’re just figuratively slamming your head into a wall trying wake these people up. It’s just very unlikely that it’s going to happen.

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