Poll Numbers Of The Day: You Can’t Unite With People Who Hate Your Guts

If you believe — as I do — that a lot of Democrats oppose things Bush does for no other reason than because Bush is the one proposing them, I think you’ll find these poll numbers to be quite revealing…

“President Bush’s plan to build a space station on the moon and eventually send astronauts to Mars hasn’t grabbed the public’s imagination, an Associated Press poll suggests.

…Asked whether they favored the United States expanding the space program the way Bush proposes, people were evenly split, with 48 percent favoring the idea and the same number opposing it, according to the poll conducted for the AP by Ipsos-Public Affairs.

…It made a difference who was said to be behind the plan. When half the poll sample was asked about a “Bush administration” plan to expand space exploration instead of the “United States” plan, opposition increased.

Just over half of Democrats’ opposed the plan by “the United States.” Once it was identified as a “Bush administration” plan, Democrats opposed it by a 2-to-1 margin.

Some have suggested that space exploration could be expanded more inexpensively using robots instead of human astronauts to explore the moon or other planets. The AP-Ipsos poll indicated that option was popular, with 57 percent favoring exploring the moon and Mars with robots and 38 percent saying humans.”

So with Democrats, just using the words “Bush administration” instead of “the United States” causes the numbers to jump from “(j)ust over half” to “2-to-1”. Plus, you have to consider that a lot of Democrats already knew this was a “Bush administration” plan since it has been making news of late. How many of them opposed the plan simply because they knew Bush proposed it? 10%, 20%, 30% — more?

Remember these numbers when Democrats on the campaign trail claim Bush is being “divisive”. I actually think Bush has made a real effort to be a “uniter, not a divider,” but there’s very little Bush can do to make headway with people who are going to reflexively oppose him at every turn.

Hat tip to RWN reader Mike Newhall for sending this link to me.

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