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DU Post Of The Day: Here’s the crazed wacko post of the day from the DU. When you read stuff like this at the Democratic Underground you just have to wonder how in touch with reality some of these people are…

HappyLibLady (1155 posts): “It was interesting to see the interviews being held with a few of the POWs captured by the Iraqis.

I noticed that the interviewers spoke in calm, comforting voices, and I saw how one of them put a gentle hand on the shoulder of the young African-American female. Her eyes seemed to express a terrible fear, and that is likely because she was trained/brainwashed by the US miltary to believe all Iraqis are blood-thirsty murderers.

I have faith that the experience of these POWs will leave them non-plussed and very confused. I expect that they will be given good treatment, decent food and clean quarters during their confinement, and that they will be released, unharmed when the time comes.

Maybe I’m just dreaming, but it is my hope that the POWs will discover that they were treated better by the Iraqis than they have ever been treated by the very people who are supposed to be protecting them on the battlefield. And, in the case of the African-American woman, she may find that people in the Middle East, unlike too many of the folks back home, do not consider her a second-class human being because of her dark brown skin!”

That reminds me of the human shield I mentioned earlier who was shocked that the Iraqi people didn’t like Saddam. It’s hard to believe there are people in the world who are actually this naive…

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