What’s The Point Of The Geneva Convention?

What’s The Point Of The Geneva Convention?: Even I find all these claims that the Iraqis are violating the Geneva Convention in the way that they’re treating our prisoners to be ludicrous. That’s not because I don’t believe the Iraqis are violating the Geneva Convention, but because no one could possibly expect that the Iraqis were going to follow it in the first place. As a matter of fact, to the best of my knowledge, the United States has never fought a war where our opponents actually adhered to the Geneva Convention.

To me, this begs an obvious question; Why do WE still cling to the Geneva Convention? I know some of you don’t think that we did in Afghanistan, although I’m of the opinion that the Taliban/Al Qaeda forces were not entitled to protection under the Geneva Convention because they wore no uniforms.

In fact, Euroweenie nations like the Netherlands and Norway are probably the only countries that would even bother to stick to the Geneva Convention and how likely is it that we’ll have to go to war with them in the near future? So why not create our own set of rules and conduct and follow it to the letter instead of bothering with an archaic code of conduct that will likely never come into play for anyone but us?

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