Democrats to Follow GOP Playbook?

At WaPo, “Democrats Strategists Ready to Take Page From GOP Playbook in 2012.”

Folks can check the link.

There was a similar story at LAT yesterday, “Party’s Survival Instinct Kicks In“:

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Frustrated by what they see as President Obama’s weakness in battling Republicans, leading Democratic donors and tacticians have begun independently plotting their political recovery – including building a network of outside fundraising and campaign organizations to compete with those formed this year by Republicans.

This week, more than 100 wealthy Democrats gathered in a posh Washington hotel for a closed meeting in which participants repeatedly called for Obama be more aggressive in his agenda and tactical combat with the Republican right.

“I am used to fighting losing battles, but I don’t like losing without a fight,” said financier George Soros, a longtime donor to causes on the left, in a comment confirmed by his staff as part of a call to arms in private conversations at the postelection meeting of the Democracy Alliance, an organization of wealthy Democrats that provides funding to liberal groups.

In another sign of Democratic unrest, a dozen prominent Democrats – including longtime Bill Clinton advisor Harold Ickes, labor leader Andy Stern and representatives of influential interest groups – will meet Monday to discuss whether to form a new operation to combat the array of outside groups launched this year by Karl Rove and other Republican strategists, according to multiple participants.

Such a move by Democrats comes despite Obama’s longstanding opposition to political spending by outside groups – particularly those that refuse to disclose their donors – and underscores the deep dissatisfaction with the White House’s strategy on several fronts.

The White House declined to comment.

And it’s no mystery why. The party’s movers and shakers are unhappy, and with good reason. Obama and his inept political team completely squandered what was about as close to a political mandate as we’ve seen in decades. In two years the pendulum has swung back with a vengeance, and 2012 looks iffy for folks on the left.

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