Ding Dong — Saddam’s Boys Are Dead!

Ding Dong — Saddam’s Boys Are Dead!

Ding Dong — Saddam’s Boys Are Dead!: Straight from a Centcom press release, here’s the latest from Iraq….

“On Tuesday, July 22, forces associated with the 101st Airborne Division and Special Operations Forces conducted an operation against suspected regime figures at a residence in Mosul, Iraq. The site is currently being exploited. Four Iraqis were killed in the operation. We have confirmed that two of the dead were Saddam’s sons Uday and Qusay.”

There’s only one truly appropriate response to that sort of rapturous good news and that’s a SNOOPY DANCE!

While it might also have been enjoyable to watch those two murdering psychopaths do a perp walk with two marines holding each them while angry Iraqis showered them with garbage, knowing that they’re both room temperature suits me just fine.

PS #1: I’m going to be interested to see the negative spin that the left tries to put on this — and yes there will be negative spin. If Bush said he liked “fluffy kittens,” the left would claim that his comment was really a slight to dog owners, that we invaded Iraq to steal their kittens, and that Bush should be impeached for lying about how he actually feels about fluffy kittens.

PS #2: Just in case anybody complains about my mocking the death of the Hussein boys since I tore into people for using Strom Thurmond’s death as an excuse to attack him, let me remind you of something I said back then…

“I could understand being pleased at the death of our country’s enemies, but if you’re all jazzed up because someone who you dislike politically passes away, then I think it says something about you as a human being — something not very pleasant.”

I am indeed “jazzed up” and when the day the put a bullet in Saddam’s head I will be even happier…

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