No More ‘Catch & Release’ For Illegal Aliens?

No More ‘Catch & Release’ For Illegal Aliens?: Our country is not and has not been serious about fighting illegal immigration. We don’t devote adequate staff and resources to patrolling our borders, we haven’t cracked down on businesses that hire illegals, many states coddle illegal aliens and their children by giving them benefits that should only go to American citizens, & we make almost no effort to get rid of the illegals who are already here.

But recently we have started to get more serious about border security because of the war on terrorism and if this bill were to become law, it would make a big difference as well…

“A drunken driver who lives illegally in the United States and is stopped at a Southwest Florida intersection by a police officer could face deportation under a bill recently introduced in Congress.

The proposed law seeks to grant federal immigration enforcement powers to local law enforcement agencies around the country.

Under current federal immigration laws, illegal aliens who are busted by local law enforcement for any violation don’t necessarily face deportation, unless that individual poses a threat to national security.

The job of immigration agents could become easier if police agencies were given similar extra duties, contend advocates of the bill, including Southwest Florida law enforcers.”

Having the police catch & and release illegal immigrants whose very presence in our country is against the law has never made any sense. If they’re not here legally then **duh** of course they should be deported — right after we find out where they work so we can hit their employer with a stiff fine and look for other illegals who may also be working there. How are we ever going to get rid of the illegal aliens we have in this country if we’re not even going to deport them when we catch them?

But of course, some people have an issue with this sort of common sense approach to illegal immigration…

“David Correa, a member of the Collier County Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board, said he favors equal protection of all Americans. But he has reservations about the potential effects if federal immigration enforcement powers are granted to local law enforcement agencies.

Correa said he’s concerned about the negative impact such additional duties could bring to farmworkers.

“It’s something that has to be addressed equally,” said Correa, a past president of the Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board. “Don’t just pick on the Mexican migrants. If we’re going to do something, let’s do it equally.”

Correa added: “The country has to be secure – let’s be clear on that. But if they’re going to stop every person who has brown skin or everybody who has an accent, I don’t know how they’re going to pass that law.”

I’m sorry, but there aren’t hordes of paperless Taiwanese refugees descending into Michigan to work as street sweepers or loads of Russians border jumpers flooding into Alaska to shovel snow. However, there are plenty of Mexicans coming across our Southern border to get employment as “farmworkers.” So should we not focus on areas where many illegal immigrants actually work?

Moreover, nobody is suggesting “stop(ing) every person who has brown skin or everybody who has an accent.” All this bill is going to do is make sure that illegals who are busted by the police are deported instead of released. Given that they’re not supposed to be in this country in the first place — what is the problem supposed to be with that?

I for one am thrilled to see a bill like this getting attention in Congress and I can only hope our elected representatives will do the right thing and sign it into law.

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