Dirty Tricks In Milwaukee

How low will they go in Wisconsin?

“Election Day got off to an ugly start at a parking lot on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

Someone slashed the tires on 30 vehicles that were designated for the local Bush/Cheney campaign.

“We showed up this morning, and it appears the tires were slashed on the vehicles we were going to transport our people to the polls to conduct our poll watching effort,” said Rick Wiley, the political director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Wiley said the vandalism caused poll watchers to have a slow start.

…”Wiley said he believes the vandals showed up at 6 a.m., slashed the tires on the vans that were parked on the outside to make it difficult for the ones on the inside to get out,” WISN 12 News reporter DeMarco Morgan said.

“It appears as though it was an effort to keep our vans on the lot so we couldn’t get our people to the polls,” Wiley said.

…Wiley said the poll watchers were still able to make it to their assigned areas, and more than 50 rented vans are still being used.”

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