Monster Turnout Everywhere

One thing is for sure folks: Win, lose, or draw, the turnout has been ENORMOUS. Everywhere I go on the net I’m seeing stories about how many people are voting this time around. I suspected as much when I was talking to & reading about people who were spending 2-3 hours waiting in line even for early voting.

Now here’s the question: Who’s turning out?

Bush haters who can’t wait to vote against him or Americans who are horrified at the idea of John Kerry running the country in a time of war? Some combination thereof?

My instincts and the numbers that came out yesterday from CBS (Bush up in early voting 51-43) & Harris (Bush up in early voting 50-46) suggest that it’s about national security.

Time will tell if I’m right, but in any case, the turnout may make it much more likely that we’ll have a clearcut winner TONIGHT which would suit me just fine.

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