Do I have to care about David Letterman?

So David Letterman is a chronic adulterer whose failings made him a target for blackmail.

“Just imagine how this would play if it were Glenn Beck,” Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds writes.

Yeah, good point. Not that major media haven’t covered it — it was the lead story on Yahoo for large portions of Thursday and Friday, for example — but…well, the AP headline: “Letterman creates brilliant hour of TV from woes.” That would never have been written if Rush Limbaugh had spent an hour of his show talking about his own adultery.

But, y’know, I just don’t want to make that argument. Is there outrage over Letterman’s adultery? Maybe, but I can’t muster any. I just don’t care.

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David Letterman is a television personality. He’s done some acting, sure, probably does some writing. But mainly, he’s a guy on TV. That’s it.

That he had a few affairs…well, there is his eternal soul to worry about. From that perspective, I guess I ought to care.

And that some of the women (they were all women, right?) might have been under him — that is to say, subordinate. He might have been in a position…

…look, I’m trying to make a serious point, here, and you snickering like that isn’t helping.

If you have power over somebody else — if you can influence someone else’s career, for example — then hitting on that person, having a sexual relationship with that person, is completely inappropriate. That person might not think he or she (usually she) has the option of saying no.

It could be a form of sexual harrassment. At least, it was considered so. Once.

Of course, statutory rape and drug rape were once considered “rape-rape,” too. Once.

Is David Letterman kind of a hypocrite? Maybe. This is the guy, after all, who just couldn’t believe that Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter got pregnant. It was incredible to him. Galling. As R.S. McCain (who really ought to be writing about this, seeing as he didn’t get invited to the Defending the Dream Summit) put it: “you could, for example, understand why a habitual philanderer would be so hostile to the happily married mother of five, Sarah Palin.”

Will I take a little schadenfreude over Letterman’s admission? Probably, what with him being a Republican-hating Lefty, and me being an imperfect person. And it’ll lower my opinion of him. It would lower my opinion of anybody.

But, geez, do I have to be filled with righteous indignation? Or can I get back to the football game now?

That’s all I really want: to notice it, get a blog post out of it, say “what a creep,” and get back to my football game.

And now I have, so now I will.

(The TrogloPundit, a.k.a. Lance Burri, is busy prepping for the Wisconsin-Minnesota Paul Bunyan’s Axe game.)

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