Do they even listen to themselves?

My husband attended a professional multi-day seminar at an Ivy League university.:  One of the classes he attended touched directly upon the work he does day in and day out.:  The teacher for this seminar is a professor at the Ivy League institution.:  As one of the premier “experts” in his field, he is an advisor to President Obama.:  His advice will ultimately affect all of us.

“He’s really brilliant,” said my husband, “but most of what he said was just BS.:  That’s not the way things really work.”

When I asked, then, why he was an expert, my husband replied, “Because he really knows his stuff.”

It seemed logical to me, at this point, to note that my husband had just said that the professor didn’t really know his stuff.

“No, you don’t get it,” answered my husband.:  “He’s done all sorts of studies, and he’s really brilliant.:  He’s an advisor to President Obama.”

I was confused, and I said so::  “I’m confused.:  You just told me that what he’s saying doesn’t work in the real world.”

My husband got frustrated.:  “Listen to what I’m saying.:  He’s an expert.:  He’s done lots of studies.:  He’s the premier guy on this at [Ivy League University].:  He’s an advisor to the President.”

Again, I’m confused::  “But you said he doesn’t make sense when it comes to the practical applications of the subject..”

My husband closed the conversation.:  “I can’t talk to you when you’re like this.”

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