Do We Have To Stoop To Mocking How Our Political Adversaries Look?

While I’m really not a fan of Teresa Heinz Kerry, I have to admit that I was surprised to see this graphic on Drudge’s page…

There are certain lines in life that shouldn’t be crossed and one of them is comparing a man’s wife to Dustin Hoffman in drag.

Of course, Drudge isn’t the only offender in this regard. In politics these days, especially on the web, it’s not unusual whatsoever to hear people attacking Janet Reno, Linda Tripp, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, Chelsea Clinton, James Carville, John Kerry, & Ann Coulter (believe it or not), for their looks.

Folks, we’re adults here, we should be beyond this sort of thing. I mean, 5th grade has been over for long time — so do we have to bring looks into this?

“Yeah Hawkins, but you gotta understand — they trash how conservatives look too!”

So what? It makes them look like a bunch of clowns. What do you think the average person’s reaction to something like this is going to be?

“George Bush? He looks like a chimp! That’s why I call him “Chimpy”. He’s a big, smirking chimpity, chimpity, CHIMP!”

Do you think people listen to that and go?

“Wow, he thinks George Bush looks like a chimp. I did not know that. Maybe I should vote for John Kerry who this person does not think looks like a chimp?”

Of course not. It’s more like…

“Ok, this guy is a complete idiot. I’ll just nod my head so he thinks I’m listening while I sing a little song in my head. One hundred bottles of beer on the wall, one hundred bottles of beer, if one of those bottles should happen to fall….”

Come on guys, we should be bigger and classier than stooping to mocking how our political adversaries look…well except for John Kerry’s hair. What? No exceptions even for that? Ok, Ok, I apologize for mocking Kerry’s hair. Seriously, I won’t do it again and I hope the rest of the right will at least consider easing up on trashing people for how they look…

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