People Don’t Know What John Kerry Stands For Because He’s Lying About What He Believes

We’re constantly, again and again, running across these stories that say people don’t know what John Kerry stands for.

Do you know why that is? The Kerry people will tell you that it’s because of Bush’s negative advertising or because Kerry hasn’t gotten a chance to get his message out. There’s some truth to that, but that’s not the crux of his problem.

The real issue is that John Kerry is LYING about what he believes in.

He’s portraying himself as this hawkish Democrat and actually trying to get to Bush’s right on some issues of national defense. But in reality, Kerry is just as dovish as Ted Kennedy or Jimmy Carter. Kerry voted against the Gulf War and funding the recent war in Iraq. Furthermore, he has a long, detailed, history of voting to slash funds from the military and our intelligence agencies.

But, if he told people the truth, he’d lose the election.

Kerry tries to convince people that he’s a blue dog democrat who wants to hold spending in check and slash taxes on the middle-class. Again, that’s bupkis. If you look at his record, John Kerry is a tax & spend Democrat who has a long history of voting for tax increases and fighting tax cuts. The idea that John Kerry is going to cut taxes and hold the deficit down is completely at odds with his voting record.

But, if he told people the truth, he’d lose the election.

JFK is also trying to get people to believe that he’s a moderate, a centrist Democrat. But, in fact, he’s a Massachusetts liberal who has a voting record to the left of Ted Kennedy.

But, if he told people the truth, he’d lose the election.

When you have a candidate who’s like Ted Kennedy on domestic issues and Jimmy Carter on defense and he’s trying to convince people that he actually will govern like John Breaux on the domestic front and Joe Lieberman when it comes to foreign policy, why is anyone surprised that people can’t figure out what he really stands for?

When it comes right down to it, that’s why Kerry is going to lose. Because you cannot run an entire campaign for President pretending to hold positions that are completely at odds with a 20 year voting record. Quite frankly, since Kerry refuses to level with the voters about what he believes and wants to do, he will richly deserve the defeat I expect him to suffer in November…

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