Kerry to Expand Middle Class by Taxing Wealthy By Scott Ott

Democrat presidential hopeful John Forbes Kerry, who is also a U.S. Senator, today laid out his blueprint for increasing the size of the middle class by boosting taxes on the wealthy.

In a speech to union members in New Jersey, Mr. Kerry answered critics who claim he has offered no coherent vision for America, and he slammed President Bush for “squeezing the middle class.”

“I believe in building up our great middle class–expanding it,” said Mr. Kerry. “Now, to increase the size of the middle class you can do one of two things–either help poor people escape from poverty and dependency on government programs, or take some money away from rich people so that they become middle class. Now, which one of those sounds easier to you? It’s a no brainer.”

Mr. Kerry said that the Bush administration “doesn’t want you to be middle class. They want you to be like their rich cronies from Halliburton. But they don’t tell you the dirty little secret…if you become wealthy, most of your money will go to pay taxes. Where’s the compassion in their conservatism?”

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