Dog Calls 911 To Save Owner, A U.S. Marine Having Seizure

Dog Calls 911 To Save Owner, A U.S. Marine Having Seizure

Well trained service dog, ‘Major’, proved his merit when he saved his owner recently.

dog calls 911

ZANESVILLE (Lu Ann Stoia/Dawn Faugl) – A United States Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan says his dog “Major” is a hero.

That’s because the labrador retreiver-pit bull mix mutt called 911 when Terry McGlade collapsed from a seizure.

McGlade said his dog is trained to sense when he is going to have a seizure, and to help him in situations where his PTSD causes anxiety.

McGlade was injured when he was hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

He got the trained rescue dog two years ago.

“He was actually able to get my phone out of my pocket. I don’t have the phone anymore because there are teeth marks on the phone,” said McGlade.

The Marine said the dog stepped on the screen for several seconds and the phone was set up to automatically call 911. Dispatchers never heard the dog bark, but they got suspicious when they received numerous calls from the number and heard a man in the background who sounded confused.

McGlade said the dog then went to the front of the house and waited at the curb for police and medics, then brought them to his handler.

“I probably would have been in severe trouble if he wouldn’t have called.” McGlade spent the night in the hospital, but said he is doing much better thanks to his best friend.

McGlade is very fortunate to have man’s best friend by his side. If you have a best friend at home, make sure to give them an extra pat and a treat to thank them for their unconditional love and loyalty.

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