Donahue Makes Anti-War Movie

I didn’t even know he was still alive. Well, anyway, his career sure is dead. Now, he’s jumped into Michael Moore-like anti-american, anti-war propaganda “documentaries”:

Add the name of Phil Donahue to the list of people who’ve made documentaries about the effects of the Iraq war. The legendary liberal talk-show host and renowned Ralph Nader supporter showed his film — which he called a work in progress — to a private screening group last week.

The film, “Body of War,” is unfinished but riveting. It should make Tomas Young, its central character, a star on the lecture and possibly talk-show circuit, much the way Mark Zupan got recognition after last year’s “Murderball.”

Robert “KKK” Byrd Co-stars:

Byrd, in fact, plays a big part in Donahue’s film. The 88-year-old senator, with 47 years in office, not to mention six more in Congress, is used by Donahue as a Yoda of sorts for in the film and for the war. He’s proud to be the leader of the 23 dissidents, and his scenes with the wheelchair-bound Young are poignant.

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